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Channel 2 - C2E5: ”Nihon Dake De”

September 22, 2021

Today’s Broadcast is C2E5, for Theme Thursday, September 23rd, 2021. Today’s Theme is music from games only available in Japan, on a program we’re calling “Nihon Dake De” (loosely translated: “Only in Japan”)!


Track Number - Track - Game - System - Composer - Selected by - Timestamp


01) Greeting - 00:00:00

02) Saturn - Star Cruizer - Sharp X68000 - Toshiya Yamanaka - St. John

Music - 00:00:03

Introduction - 00:02:49

Conversation - 00:04:57

03) Stage 1 - Madō King Granzort - SuperGrafx - Norihiko Yamanuki - Hugues

Music - 00:10:30

Conversation - 00:12:50

04) Torrid City - Metal Stoker - PC Engine - Hiroto Saitō, and/or Nozomu Takahashi - St. John

Music - 00:17:33

Conversation - 00:19:43

05) Knock You Down - Live-A-Live - Super Famicom - Yoko Shimomura - Hugues

Music - 00:24:57

Conversation - 00:27:05

Belated “Top of the Show” Business - 00:30:45

06) I’ll Introduce - Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyou Toitsusen - Mega Drive - St. John

Music - 00:41:35

Conversation - 00:44:07

07) I Wanna Close to You - Misty Blue - PC88 (OPNA) - Yuzu Koshiro - Hugues

Music - 00:47:47

Conversation - 00:50:33

08) Fu-Ten / Mojibri Unkorashu - Mojib-Ribbon - PS2 - Masaya Matsuura* - St. John

Music - 00:54:57

Conversation - 00:57:23

09) Title - Nakayama Miho no Tokimeki High School - Famicom Disk System - Nobuo Uematsu* - Hugues

Music - 01:02:05

Conversation - 01:03:42

10) Level 1 Warning - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake - MSX (SCC) - Masahiro Ikariko, Mutsuhiko Izumi, Yuko Kurahashi, Tomoya Tomita, Kazuhiko Uehara, Yuji Takenouchi, and/or Tsuyoshi Sekito - St. John

Music - 01:08:29

Conversation - 01:10:44

11) Springdale 2040 Night - Yo-Kai Watch 4 - Nintendo Switch - Kenchiro Saigo - Hugues

Music - 01:14:42

Conversation - 01:17:38

12) Stage 4 - Chip Chan Kick - PCFX - Hitoshi Sakimoto and/or Masaharu Iwata - St. John

Music - 01:21:06

Conversation - 01:23:06

13) Remain - Psychic Detective Series vol. 3: Aya - FM Towns / Mega CD - Yasuhito Saito - Hugues

Music - 01:26:18

Conversation - 01:28:45

14) A Refined Enchanted Cave - Chaos Seed: Fusui Kairoki - Saturn - Yasunori Shiono, Katsuhiro Hayashi, and/or Yukio Nakajima *

Music - 01:31:25

Conversation - 01:34:14

Housekeeping Cycle

Next Episode - 01:36:05

Special Announcement - 01:36:58

Our other shows - 01:37:42

Zero4 Champ II Discussion - 01:40:33

Sign-off - 01:42:32

15) Track 11 - Zero4 Champ II - PC Engine (CD) - Takeshi Ijima and/or Katsuhiro Hayashi - Hugues

Music - 01:42:46

16) Blooper Reel - 01:44:43


Total Episode Runtime: 01:46:38


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As promised in the episode, here are the links to the [now out of date] “all call” with the TG16 miniseries story included, as well as each of the three episodes:


June 2020 Special Announcement:


C1E47a: “Turbotastic”:


C1E47b: “The Little Engine that Could”:


C1E47c: “Tidal Wavetable, aka ‘The Continuing Adventures of Buzz Lightyear’”:


And a surprise bonus: In the episode, I had mentioned how wild the Chip Chan Kick track gets when you reverse it. Well, so, here is a sound file with the track in both directions, backward first, and then forward. It is taken from an Archive SUPER BONUS four-part series called “Back to Front - the 100” featuring each track from both C1E52 “Backtracks” -AND- the supplemental Channel F “F-isode” “Backtracks - the OTHER 50”, where each track is featured in both directions (backward first). If this sounds interesting, go find them on, along with the other six Backtracks-related SUPER BONUSES out there:


And if you haven’t heard the actual proper Backtracks Episodes, you can find them here:


C1E52: “Backtracks”


Channel F: “Backtracks - The OTHER 50!”


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Thanks for listening! Join us again in October for a very special Channel 1 with an incredible theme, and someone other than St. John at the helm. Also, this episode will be one half of a two part collaboration with another esteemed VGM podcast... and wherever you are…..Fly the N!!



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