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NNR Reruns: C1E1 - ”Press Start” (orig. released 01/05/2017)

January 10, 2022

So, I had meant to get this released on Jan 5th, so that our first rerun after the shutdown of the dedicated reruns feed on Buzzsprout, and the first gross output of the planned "second half" of Nerd Noise Radio's intended lifespan could release PRECISELY five years to the day after it originally premiered....but, you :-(

Anyway, please accept it re-releasing instead on the "five-year, five-day anniversary" now! :-)

Also, since this is the start of life on Nerd Noise Radio without a separate, dedicated reruns feed, let's go ahead and "start reruns all over again", and make our [so-called] "first rerun" be....our first episode!

Yes, today's rerun is where it all started, everybody! C1E1 - "Press Start", an aptly themed focus on intro and/or title screen music to coincide with the launch the program, which, of course, originally released on 01/05/2017 - five years [and five days] ago!

A couple quick notes of reflection on this episode from the perspective of a half-decade of reflection: 1) BEWARE: the production quality, particularly as it concerns the intro and outro is TERRIBLE! The music block itself, though, is certainly passable or better. But the intro and outro are.....CRINGE! Speaking of the music block: 2) due to a mistake on my part during capture, it was in mono (just like Episode 2 - an issue I had fixed by Episode 3). Also, 3) the fades are not quite as good, and the run order decisions are quite a bit more rudimentary, opening strongly, closing strongly, but mostly moving in circles in-between, only concerned with how well the tracks jive with their immediate neighbor tracks, and all but oblivious to the overall arch. But 4) otherwise, the music block itself is a fairly decent production, and chock full of the energy and joy and enthusiasm of new beginnings, buoyed upon the optimism and excitement thereof! 5) I made a mistake in track selection on one track in this collection: everything was supposed to be title screen and/or or intro sequence music, and yet "At DOOM's Gate" from DOOM 2016 is neither of those things. But I'm not gonna go back and change history by editing it out five years later. And it does at least sound good in the episode. So, it can stay. 6) Beyond the production value of the intro and outro being just ATROCIOUS, the scripting was far less developed than it has since become, albeit is less verbose as a result. 7) The most remarkable thing of all to me listening to C1E1 and, let's say, any of the first ten episodes is this: the early episodes are remarkably different in a hundred ways in micro.....but in macro, it's incredible just how little the show has changed, and just how close to "fully formed" the show ultimately was from its very beginning! I'm really proud of that! Way less polished, to be sure...but in essence, still the same show then as it is now!


So, please! If you have not already heard C1E1, and heard where it all began, warts, and glory, and enthusiasm and all, and just how very "different yet the same" it was compared to what Channel 1 has since become.....then, please, listen, and marvel, and enjoy!

Oh, p.s: our other rerun this month (since there will be two), will be C1E2, its immediate successor episode. And despite it being subject to all the same complaints about the HORRIBLE intro and outro, mono audio music block, and the circular meandering of the track order, it still remains one of the best episodes we've ever done! Definitely the best of the first 10, in my opinion, and if I were to try to create a "top twenty episodes" list from our so-far 60 episodes, C1E2 would certainly be somewhere on that list! So, please don't miss it! Also, unlike today, I'll make sure to schedule the C1E2 rerun to release on the EXACT 5yr anniversary - 01/19/2022! :-)


-St. John


From the original show notes:




The moment has finally come - the Channel 1 podcast is HERE! 


Today's broadcast is Episode 1 for ThemeThursday, January 5th, 2017. Today's Theme is title screen music on a program we’re calling “Press Start”. 


Tracklist - Track#, Game, System, Composer, Timestamp: 


01: Intro - 00:00 

02: Sonic 3 - Genesis - Tomonori Sawada - 01:50 

03: Double Dragon - NES - Kazunaka Yamane - 02:05 

04: Metroid - FDS - Hirokazu ("Hip") Tanaka - 03:44 

05: Crash Bandicoot - PS1 - Josh Mancell - 05:17 

06: SpiderMan/X-Men - SNES - Tim and Geoff Follin - 06:51 

07:  Halo - Xbox - Martin O’Donnell - 07:48 

08: Ballblazer - Atari 8-bit - Peter Langston and “Riffology” - 10:35 

09: Doom 2016 - Multiplat - Mick Gordon - 12:59 

10: Street Fighter 2 - Arcade - Yoko Shimomura - 15:20 

11: SomerAssault - TG16 - Hidehito Aoki and Katsuyuki Inose - 15:46 

12: Zelda II - FDS - Akito Nakatsuka - 18:29 

13: LED Storm - ZX Spectrum - Tim Follin - 20:56 

14: Streets of Rage - Genesis - Yuzo Koshiro - 23:38 

15: Mega Man 2 - NES - Takashi Tateishi - 25:05 

16: Shovel Knight - Multi - Jake Kaufman - 26:48 

17: Ocarina of Time - N64 - Koji Kondo - 27:40 

18: Revenge of Shinobi - PC88 - Yuzo Koshiro - 30:03 

19: Golden Axe - C64 - comp: You Takada  / arr: Jeroen Tel - 30:22 

20: Final Fantasy VII - PS1 - Nobuo Uematsu - 33:05 

21: Bonk’s Revenge - TG16 - Hirohiko Takayama - 35:52 

22: Wolfchild - Amiga - Martin Iveson - 36:10 

23: Kirby’s Dreamland - Gameboy - Jun Ishikawa - 39:47 

24: X-Men - Arcade - Junya Nakano - 40:24 

25: Mortal Kombat - Genesis - Matt Furniss - 40:59 

26: Black Belt - Mastersystem - Katsuhiro Hayashi - 42:01 

27: Xybots - Arcade - Hal Canon, Brad Fuller, and/or Earl Vickers - 42:11 

28: Super Mario World - SNES - Koji Kondo - 42:31 

29: Outro - 44:03 



Music Block Runtime: 42:14,  Total Episode Runtime: 50:31 


Our Intro and Outro Music is Funky Radio - Dreamcast - BB Rights 

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